A sort of antidote to ‘Facebook’ with ’42’ being the “Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”.

I am retired, have a range of interests, claim no expertise in any of them and really  have no idea where this will go. If that makes me a ‘fucking boring old fart’ so be it.

The blog is a sort of personal earthing rod so I intend to throw out thoughts and ideas and links as I flail my way through what’s left of my time before memory and energy run out and recycling to stardust looms.

I have a few beliefs which motivate my thinking if not my actions.

(I’ll post them shortly and if your name isn’t Shortly it applies anyway)

Unless otherwise indicated the views here are my own and I retain full copyright.

If you should wish to use any material please contact.

I do have a name and I’m happy to share it.

Regards and Peace – John Daniels.


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