What a ‘can of worms’ to open!

I sense a tide running that has the potential to sweep away much of what is unfair about our ‘democracy’, but I also sense the rise of destructive forces that will work for the status quo or endeavour to take advantage for their own agendas. Make no mistake this country is as vulnerable to chaos as any other.

Our real problem is an entrenched adversarial political system that has allowed the cuckoo into the nest. The cuckoo being the distorting vested interests that have ‘bought’ their way into the very seat of our country coupled with a disaffected electorate. the cuckoo is a migratory bird who winters in the sun and returns here to increase its dynasty. I hope the parallel is not lost.

Then there is the drive for populist policies, hollow promises coupled with a blame culture and smear tactics. No wonder it doesn’t do it for the majority.

At the last election 35% didn’t vote and those that did not have the option to express their dissatisfaction because of the lack of choice and gave a negative vote for what they saw as ‘the lesser evil’ of the main parties. Therefore the parties in power are voted in on a ridiculous minority vote and does not truly represent us. Adversarial politics creates the illusion of choice and the disrespectful exchanges we witness in parliament does nothing to build our confidence. Strong debate is replaced by point scoring and alternative views get swept aside as not worthy of consideration.

How can this be?

Whilst our society is disunited by the effects of consumerism, the pursuit of growth, greed (I want it now – I can have it now), the cult of celebrity, the pervasive media that peddles corrosive illusions and the narrowing of spirit etc. a political revolution will not happen. A change will need grass roots support and there is no movement in place to do this, no voice that is heard over the white noise of the modern world.

There is no tipping point in sight; we need a crisis we can all subscribe to; you only have to look at the tipping points in history.

We missed the crisis with the banks because we trusted the government who got out the smoke and mirrors again. They, frankly were not on our side and rode rough shod over those who called for radical change and have done little to satisfactorily sort it out since. We have them cosying  up to trade agreements in secret, hiding the cuckoos and supporting technologies that are not only found wanting, but where there is insufficient debate and account taken of the wider views held. Cautionary principles are ignored or worse.

Basically we, the people, may have a vote, but we are effectively disenfranchised as if we no longer lived in a democracy.

If we, the people, the electorate, the citizens are not heeded it will take a crisis of some magnitude to create the will for genuine change, but the crisis may unleash consequences outside of reasonable control.

The saddest thing is the political voices that have the opportunity to change this paradigm are not addressing these issues and by so doing push the crisis further down the road and build the tension closer and closer to breaking point. The tipping point will be when there is little choice left and forcing change is perceived as the only way forward.

These are not good times; I fear we will all suffer.

Still Christmas is only a little over four weeks away and it can wait till the new year. Bah! Humbug!




One thought on “Politics

  1. “As people drift away from politics, many increasingly see political parties as part of the problem rather than the solution. But at their best, parties can straddle the divide between people and politics. They are the building blocks of governments or governments in waiting, and at the same time they are groups of like-minded people working together to pursue their visions of what society should look like. If parties didn’t exist, we would have to invent them.”


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