The Bankers New Clothes. (for ‘B’ you could substitute the letter next to ‘Q’ if you like)

If you borrow ‘money’ from the bank, where does it come from? – the answer will surprise you.

I comes, wait for it, from nowhere, it is a legalised scam. It isn’t real money, it is just a few key presses on the bank’s computer keyboard, it is virtual money – it does not exist. Then they charge you for the privilege and that is basically how we got into this economic mess.

Talk about the emperor’s new clothes. Now ask yourself – What did the government do?

It used our ‘money’ to bail out the virtual money that had mysteriously vanished. Except a good deal of it was skimmed off to make a few people inordinately rich.

Ask yourself another question Whose side are our politicians meant to be on? Not mine for sure, yours? Maybe!

Oh yes! What does the government do best on our behalf – it borrows ‘money’.

The government is complicit, we are the losers. We will continue to pay for their lack of action and disregard for us, the 99%.

If it doesn’t make you mad, it should.

Do have a look at  Positive Money.


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