We all moan, some more than others. We find fault and seek out the negative, but for most of us, it is just a way of dealing with life, for getting stuff out of our ‘system’. It rarely challenges the substantive issues beyond minor disagreements or the occasional row that achieves very little long term. In the main we are powerless  to deal with the injustices that come to our notice nor are our views represented in such a way as to make our society a better place. The dice are loaded.

For the most part we are concerned with simply surviving –  job, family, housing, health, the usual stuff of living in a soft western environment and have no real desire to get involved. We allow others to govern, to control, to do things ostensibly on our behalf. Yet our government takes a mandate from a minority of the population of this country and declares it is a democratic process.

They, being all the political parties, do not represent any majority. Each represents partisan vested interests with the one intention – to further their cause through the powers devolved to them on ‘our behalf’.

Increasingly these vested interests are global and all pervading. Consequently our government, whatever its hue now or in the near future, no longer calls the tune. Worse still, they whistle  one tune for our ears whilst playing other melodies  for their party and a different bass line for those who finance the music.

All of this is played out in a quasi-adversarial knock about parliament that increasingly allows maverick policy without justification or accountability. Damage is so easily done to the fabric of society whilst we are told it is for our good. We lurch from crisis to crisis throwing out short term ‘solutions’ without regard for the consequences.

OK, its simplistic and frequently refuted, but it has an increasing resonance with the powerless 99% and if the resonance of marching feet is capable of breaking  bridges then the resonance of a true democracy should be able to break the mould of our petrified governance.

There has been a largely unreported shift towards a desire for a revision of the democratic process in favour of the 99%. Mark you, it will become increasingly difficult as this government continues to pursue the curtailment of our right to express our views in the public arena. It remains to be seen if the ghost of Peterloo will return to haunt us, but on a much grander scale.

Moanday will be followed by Chooseday as individuals realise action towards a more democratic and equable governance is needed and having made the realisation – do something to bring on the changes.


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